Orthogonal, dual protein labelling by tandem cycloaddition of strained alkenes and alkynes to : Ortho -quinones and azides

Bruins, Jorick J.; Blanco-Ania, Daniel; Doef, Vincent van der; Delft, Floris L. van; Albada, Bauke


Reaction of cyclopropanated trans-cyclooctene (cpTCO) with in situ generated ortho-quinone is an efficient tool for bioorthogonal protein conjugation. The (4+2)-cycloaddition of cpTCO with ortho-quinone is significantly faster than its cyclooctyne counterpart (BCN). Orthogonal, tandem cpTCO-quinone and BCN-azide cycloadditions afforded a homogeneous, dual labelled antibody-drug conjugate.