Transcription factor dosage : more or less sufficient for growth

Hofhuis, Hugo F.; Heidstra, Renze


Recent findings highlight three instances in which major aspects of plant development are controlled by dosage-dependent protein levels. In the shoot apical meristem the mobile transcription factor WUS displays an intricate function with respect to target regulation that involves WUS dosage, binding site affinity and protein dimerization. The size of the root meristem is controlled by dosage-dependent PLT protein activity. Recent identification of targets and feedbacks provide new insights and entry into possible mechanisms of dosage read-out. Finally, HD-ZIPIII dosage, enforced by a gradient of mobile miRNAs, presents a relatively unexplored case in the radial patterning of vasculature and ground tissue. We evaluate our current knowledge of these three examples and address molecular mechanisms of dosage translation where possible.