Tomato Chlorotic Spot Virus (TCSV) Putatively Incorporated a Genomic Segment of Groundnut Ringspot Virus (GRSV) Upon a Reassortment Event

Silva, João Marcos Fagundes; Oliveira, Athos Silva de; Almeida, Mariana Martins Severo de; Kormelink, Richard; Nagata, Tatsuya; Resende, Renato Oliveira


Tomato chlorotic spot virus (TCSV) and groundnut ringspot virus (GRSV) share several genetic and biological traits. Both of them belong to the genus Tospovirus (family Peribunyaviridae), which is composed by viruses with tripartite RNA genome that infect plants and are transmitted by thrips (order Thysanoptera). Previous studies have suggested several reassortment events between these two viruses, and some speculated that they may share one of their genomic segments. To better understand the intimate evolutionary history of these two viruses, we sequenced the genomes of the first TCSV and GRSV isolates ever reported. Our analyses show that TCSV and GRSV isolates indeed share one of their genomic segments, suggesting that one of those viruses may have emerged upon a reassortment event. Based on a series of phylogenetic and nucleotide diversity analyses, we conclude that the parental genotype of the M segment of TCSV was either eliminated due to a reassortment with GRSV or it still remains to be identified.