Identifying platforms for healthier diets in Ethiopia and Vietnam : Annex to the discussion paper identifying platforms for healthier diets: A4NH Flagship Programme 1 Food systems for healthier Diets

Bakker, Sanne; Herens, Marion; Pittore, Kat


Inclusive and sustainable food systems should guarantee consumers availability of, equitable access to and efficient delivery of safe and healthy food requiring interconnectedness between agro-food systems and other (health, education) systems. This requires active networking between multiple stakeholders, engaged in different parts of the food system. The objective of the study was to explore the role of platforms as mechanisms to support the scaling and anchoring of food system transformations for healthier diets. Network analysis was used to visualise relevant platforms, clustering organisations and identifying key connectors (multiple memberships). This Annex to the discussion paper Identifying Platforms for Healthier Diets covers two countries; Ethiopia and Vietnam. In Vietnam, seven CGIAR-affiliated platforms were identified, and 8 (sub)national platforms. In Ethiopia, one CGIAR affiliated platform was identified, and 15 (sub)national platforms.