Through the looking glass: trypanosome infections in zebrafish : seeing is believing

Dóró, Éva


Trypanosomes are pathogenic unicellular eukaryotic flagellates, with a broad host range, they can be found in many vertebrate species, causing diseases in cold-blooded as well as livestock and humans. Owing to their pathogenicity and unicellular eukaryotic nature trypanosomes have attracted the attention of researchers trying to unravel fundamental questions about cell biology and pathogenicity of these parasites.

The current thesis aimed to: 1) establish an in vivo trypanosome infection model in zebrafish using a fish-specific trypanosome; 2) investigate the behaviour of trypanosomes in vivo, in a natural host environment; 3) characterize the general (innate) immune response to the infection in young zebrafish, and 4) study the biological properties of transmembrane Tnf╬▒, which was previously associated with protection against trypanosome infections.