Apports des typologies d'exploitations aux démarches de conception en agriculture de conservation: Une étude de cas dans le nord du Vietnam

Hauswirth, Damien; Pham, Thi-Sen; Wery, Jacques; Tittonell, Pablo; Jourdain, Damien; Affholder, François


Conservation agriculture (CA) is considered a possible option for reducing the environmental impact of tilled maize on sloping land in two mountainous districts of northern Vietnam. Within this context, our study aimed at building a regional farm typology that can support the design of CA cropping systems, suiting different farm types. 411 maize-producing farms were surveyed. Using multivariate analysis, we identified 5 farm types with contrasting resources and sustainability performances. We discuss the range of possible CA systems to be designed for each type, according to its specific constraints and opportunities. We especially consider diverse intensification levels and kinds of cover plants. We propose the development of farm models to further explore the economic attractiveness of the options selected for each type.