Le rôle de l’alimentation animale dans l’amélioration du bien-être des animaux ainsi que de la qualité, De la sécurité et de la salubrité des aliments d’origine animale tel que révisé par le cost action feed for health (FA0802)

Pinotti, Luciano; Krogdahl, Ashild; Givens, Ian; Knight, Chris; Baldi, Antonella; Baeten, Vincent; Raamsdonk, Leonard van; Woodgate, Stephen; Marin, Dolores Perez; Luten, Joop


This review provides an overview of the main scientific outputs of a network (Action) supported by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) in the field of animal science, namely the COST Action Feed for Health (FA0802). The main aims of the COST Action Feed for Health (FA0802) were: to develop an integrated and collaborative network of research groups that focuses on the roles of feed and animal nutrition in improving animal wellbeing and also the quality, safety and wholesomeness of human foods of animal origin; to examine the consumer concerns and perceptions as regards livestock production systems. The COST Action Feed for Health has addressed these scientific topics during the last four years. From a practical point of view three main scientific fields of achievement can be identified: feed and animal nutrition; food of animal origin quality and functionality and consumers’ perceptions. Finally, the present paper has the scope to provide new ideas and solutions to a range of issues associated with the modern livestock production system.