Wildland fire management under COVID-19. Brief 1, review of materials

Moore, Peter; Hannah, Bethany; Vries, Jasper de; Poortvliet, Marijn; Steffens, Ron; Stoof, Cathelijne R.


COVID-19 will have major implications for wildland fire management, because of severe social distancing and hygiene requirements. We collected procedures and guidance created around the world to help prepare wildland fire professionals globally for fire management during this pandemic. We did this by reviewing materials and sending out a survey to the fire community. We publish our findings in three ways. This Brief summarizes the materials reviewed and to give initial considerations and guidelines for the global wildland fire community. A follow up Brief will discuss the results of the survey, which will remain open until 15 May 2020 (link). Finally, results will be submitted to an academic journal for rapid publication. By using existing groups and networks to discuss this issue, obtain input and collate ideas, it will be possible to more quickly establish the principles and options for adapting to the constraints and opportunities that COVID-19 is imposing. All materials will be available free of charge for use by developed and developing countries, to facilitate learning and collaboration amongst individuals, agencies, and countries.