Evaluación hidrogeológica de la recarga gestionada de un acuífero en un complejo de morena glacial mediante el análisis a largo plazo de datos de aguas subterráneas

Engelenburg, Jolijn van; Jonge, Martin de; Rijpkema, Sjoerd; Slobbe, Erik van; Bense, Victor


Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) is a strategy to address dwindling water availability that is used to recharge stressed groundwater systems for recovery or adaptation purposes. Glacial moraine complexes can host large groundwater volumes in thick coarse-grained sandy and gravelous aquifers, and therefore are often suitable for MAR. In this research, the impact of 20 years of MAR (infiltration) in the Veluwe glacial moraine complex in the Netherlands is evaluated through time-series analysis and water quality modeling. The research enhances the understanding of hydrological processes in a glacial moraine complex and thus supports effective MAR design. The results show that MAR in the Veluwe area has raised nearby groundwater heads, and that 20 years of infiltration did not significantly deteriorate the groundwater quality. In addition, the analysis revealed an unexpected hydraulic interaction between the glacial complex and the underlying aquifer. The results suggest that MAR in a glacial moraine complex can be an effective strategy for storage of surplus surface water, compensation of groundwater abstraction, or water quality improvement. Monitoring and evaluation of groundwater heads and quality will improve the understanding of the hydrology and hydrochemistry of the water system and the used water resource, which is essential to design effective MAR systems.