Een verkenning van de impact van buurtsportcoaches en hun structurele inbedding op de samenwerking tussen de eerstelijnszorg en sport- en beweegsector

Leenaars, K.E.F.; Smit, Eva; Molleman, Gerard; Koelen, M.A.; Wagemakers, A.


In 2012 Care Sport Connectors (CSC) were introduced in the Netherlands with the aim to connect the primary care and the physical activity sector (PA sector) and guide primary care patients towards local sport facilities. This study explored the way CSCs established the connection between the primary care and the PA sector and how this is related to the structural embedding of the CSC. In three rounds of interviews, thirteen CSCs were followed for two years in their work. CSCs’ network was mapped and disaggregated into how CSCs were structurally embedded: in the PA sector (type A), different sectors (type B), and partnership (type C). All CSCs established a connection between both sectors. Type A CSCs established the connection mostly around their own activities in which they collaborated with primary care professionals and supported the PA sector with their activities. Type B and type C CSCs established the connection around different kinds of activities targeting several kinds of target groups and collaborated mostly with primary care professionals around the referral of their patients. The results of this study suggest that adopting an integral approach (type B and C) for the structural embedding of the CSC offers the most opportunities for reaching the desired outcomes.