Erratum: Moving beyond colonial control? economic forces and shifting migration from ruanda-urundi to buganda, 1920-60

Haas, Michiel De


At the authors request, this corrigendum corrects the number of Rwanda and Burundi migrants present in Buganda in 1969 in Table I of the above publication. This table originally stated that 152,321 migrants from the former Belgian colonial territories of Ruanda-Urundi (R-U migrants) were present in Buganda in with a male/female ratio of and making up per cent of Bugandas total African population. This number refers to nationals from Rwanda and Burundi enumerated in Buganda and is derived from the population census (as the notes and sources below Table ? should have specified) While itself consistent with the source table in the census report, this number substantially underestimates the actual number of people of Rwanda and Rundi origin present in Buganda at the time. It is also not appropriate for comparison with the totals for earlier census years included in Table ?, for reasons that will be explained below. The actual number of migrants from Rwanda and Burundi and their children present in Buganda in cannot be ascertained with precision, but was likely in the range of The author apologizes for the error made.