SURE-Farm Approach to Assess the Resilience of European Farming Systems

Meuwissen, Miranda P.M.; Feindt, Peter H.; Spiegel, Alisa; Paas, Wim; Soriano, Bárbara; Mathijs, Erik; Balmann, Alfons; Urquhart, Julie; Kopainsky, Birgit; Garrido, Alberto; Reidsma, Pytrik


Accumulating shocks and long-term stresses, such as trade conflicts, climate change and deteriorating public trust in agricultural practices have raised concerns about the resilience of Europe’s diverse farming systems. The SURE-Farm approach aims to systematically assess the resilience capacities of farming systems, i.e. regional constellations of farms and other actors that provide a range of private and public goods, using local resources and traded inputs. This chapter introduces the key concepts and outlines the SURE-Farm approach to assess the resilience challenges and capacities of farming systems. It sets the scene for the empirical analyses and synthesizing assessments presented in the following chapters.