Special Issue in Food Structure – Multiscale simulations and experimental characterization of structured foods

Published on
June 15, 2022

Understanding and developing structured foods requires good knowledge of the interaction of food materials, the structure and processing at multiple scales. This requires connection of food material science, thermodynamics, rheology, and the multiphysics of food processing.

This challenge can only be meet with building computer models connecting the molecular scale, the mesoscale of food dispersed structure, and the product scale at which apply external fields to induce phase changes.

The development and validation of these multiscale models requires extensive experimental characterization of foods at these multiple scales. In order to exchange ideas and stimulate discussions on these topics Ruud van der Sman and John van Duynhoven organized a workshop Multiscale Simulations and Experimental Characterization of Foods between 25 and 27 May 2021.

It was intended to have this meeting in Wageningen on the occasion of the inauguration of Ruud van der Sman as special professor. Unfortunately, COVID restrictions urged us to have the meeting online.

In order to allow participants to thoroughly prepare themselves for discussions at the workshop we asked the presenters to submit papers on their topics on beforehand to the special issue, so we could make them available as pre-read.

In addition to thorough peer-review process of Food Structure, the editors (Ruud and John) also stimulated that the discussions during the workshop were taken to heart to make further improvements to submitted papers.

This special issue comprises proof of principle and demonstration studies that show the promise of novel experimental spectroscopic, scattering and imaging techniques for multiscale food structural assessment.

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