2nd Edible Soft Matter Workshop & Conference, 9-13 July 2022

Soft matter materials are present in daily life, especially in foods. As a result, soft matter and foods share many common physical states: gels, emulsions, foams, suspensions and more. Both research fields could combine their forces to design functional materials, thereby addressing world-wide problems with out-of-the-world solutions. To assist in this goal of fostering collaborations, a 2nd Edible Soft Matter (ESM) Workshop & Conference is organized from 9–13 of July 2022 in Wageningen (the Netherlands).

Organised by Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter, Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods, Biobased Chemistry and Technology

Sat 9 July 2022 until Wed 13 July 2022

Venue Wageningen (the Netherlands)

The purpose is to bring together individuals from academia and industry in both soft matter and food science. A platform will be provided for junior and senior scientists in physics, physical-chemistry, colloidal- and soft matter currently working on food systems (or would be interested to work on it in the future) to exchange ideas and strengthen cooperation. To do this, the organizing committee has developed a 2 part program.

The event consists of two parts:
Workshop from 9–10 July 2022 a meeting for young scientists, where established soft matter and food scientists will provide instructional lectures on relevant, novel and exciting topics.
Conference from 11–13 July 2022 an international conference with five invited keynote speakers, oral and poster presentation by abstract submission, and several opportunities for (informal) encounters.

9-10 July 2022 – ESM workshop for young scientists

Two full days (start 9:30) with 5 lectures provided by experts in both soft matter and food science, covering topics such as fundamental understanding on phase separation and microstructures; simulations of colloidal systems; microstructure analysis using microscopy & scattering techniques; and techno-functional properties of plant-based proteins (from an industrial perspective).

Interaction between young scientists is key in this event, and will be stimulated by allowing participants to present/pitch their topics and research. Upon registration, an abstract can be submitted. The workshop fee includes lunch, coffee break refreshments and a social event (organized on Saturday after the last lecture). (Limited attendants: 60)


  • Dr. Laurice Pouvreau (Food & Biobased Research Wageningen, NL)
  • Dr. Arjen Bader (Wageningen University & Research, NL)
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Kodger (Wageningen University & Research, NL)
  • Prof. Dr. Renko de Vries (Wageningen University & Research, NL)
  • Prof. Dr. Elena Simone (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

11-13 July 2022 – International ESM conference

Two and a half days (Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday) with 5 invited speakers, approximately 30 oral presentations and a poster session, on a range of themes. The conference fee includes lunch, coffee break refreshments, the welcome reception, and a social event + dinner. (Limited attendants: 120)


  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Mathys (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Dr. Taco Nicolai (University of Le Mans, France)
  • Prof. Dr. Krassimir Velikov (Amsterdam University/Unilever, NL)
  • Prof. Dr. Maya Davidovich-Pinhas (Technion, Israel)

Conference themes

  • Novel and sustainable food ingredients
  • Stability of dispersed systems (dispersions, emulsions, interfaces, macroscopic phase separation)
  • Design of colloids (shape, charge, heterogeneity)
  • Interactions & self-assembly in food materials (gelation, coacervation)
  • New techniques to analyze complex (food) systems
  • Simulations of food-related systems

Important dates

4 July 2022 Registration closes
9-10 July 2022 Workshop for young scientists
11-13 July 2022 ESM conference

Registration fees


€ 200 VLAG/WUR PhD
€ 250 non-WUR PhD
€ 300 Postdoc & other academics
€ 350 Industry


€ 300 (PhD) student (early bird)
€ 325 (PhD) student (normal fee)
€ 450 Senior academic (early bird)
€ 525 Senior academic (normal fee)
€ 500 Industry (early bird)
€ 575 Industry (normal fee)