Guidelines for finding and doing an internship - Bioprocess Engineering

Main steps in organizing an internship

  1. Setting up an internship
    Selection of a suitable host institute or industry is done by students themselves. Inspiration and suggestions may be obtained from previous thesis experience, from fellow students, or from departmental scientists. In some cases, a student can act in response to specific openings that may be available. Additional help is available via the BPE traineeship coordinator, René Wijffels.
  2. Submission and approval
    Prior to the actual traineeship, plans need to be approved of by the internship coordinator: an approval form may be filled out online. If a traineeship is approved, one of the staff members will be appointed as traineeship supervisor.
  3. Contract
    If either the student or the host wants, their traineeship relation may be formalised in a standard internship contract. If the host requires the student to sign any additional agreement (e.g. a non-disclosure agreement), the secrecy agreement of the WUR can be used, or from the Employer. The secrecy agreement should be signed by the Student, Employer and Supervisor from the University and attached to the internship contract.
  4. Mark
    The final mark for a traineeship is based on (1) an evaluation of the written traineeship report by the internship supervisor at WUR, and on (2) the judgement of the supervisor at the host institute. The latter supervisor should fill out and submit an evaluation form (internship evaluation form) to the WUR supervisor by email.
  5. Criteria
    Criteria are not very strict, but:

    1. there should be an obvious relation to the area of Bioprocess Engineering,
    2. in order to facilitate evaluation of the final report, the coordinator (or other supervisor within the Process Engineering department) should be competent in the subject area,
    3. the actual work should be of an adequate scientific level.
  6. Contact In general, the student takes the initiative to contact a host institute or industry. An (electronic) application letter should preferably contain the following concrete information:

    • Indicate start date and duration of the traineeship that you have in mind.
    • Define your learning objectives for the internship.
    • Indicate the traineeship to be a compulsory item in your curriculum; final marking is thus a prerogative of Wageningen University (although the host opinion will be taken into account seriously).
    • As an illustration of your background, provide a list of courses you have taken.
    • List any previous thesis experience under a separate heading as 'research experience.'
  7. Insurance Students who undertake a compulsory traineeship abroad qualify for the WU travel insurance. The general terms and conditions for this insurance are available for view at the desk of the Student Service Centre (SSC). A departmental statement should be provided.
  8. Safety Some foreign destinations may be considered unsafe. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains an online list of such countries.
  9. Evaluation form (See menu on the right for download.)