Research projects

Below a complete list of research projects currently performed at Bioprocess Engineering is given. In many of these projects there are possibilities for BSc and MSc students to perform a thesis. If interested please feel free to contact the theme leader.

Microbial Biotechnology

Alex Kruis Evolving ways towards green chemicals
Enrico Orsi Green Terpene
Malgorzata Krolicka Efficient chemo-enzymatic routes
Pauline Folch Metabolic Engineering E. coli
Anne Bohnenkamp Sustainable production of volatile esters

Microalgal Biotechnology

Agnes Janoska Microalgae production in liquid foam photobioreactors
Camilo Muñoz Metabolic engineering of eukaryotic microalgae
Ilse Remmers Optimizing cultivation strategies for lipid production
Jorijn Janssen Lipid metabolism of the microalgae Nannochloropsis gaditana
Mitsue Leon Saiki Dynamics of chloroplast metabolism
Pieter Oostlander RAAQUA
Sebastian Canizales Gomez Phototrophic polypeptide production from urine
Kira Schipper Enhancing Algae-based CO2 Capture and Sequestration for Large Scale Application in Qatar
Christian Südfeld Tailored microalgae as a sustainable oil crop production platform
Narcís Ferrer Ledo Strain improvement of microalgae for the production of omega-3 fatty acids and fucoxanthin
Robin Barten Bioprospecting and directed evolution of microalgae from Bonaire
Rocca Chin-On Design of a floating photobioreactor for microalgae cultivation on Bonaire
Renske Rinzema Modelling and optimization of microalgae growth and product formation in outdoor tubular photobioreactors
Lukas Trebuch Microalgal-bacteria communities for municipal wastewater treatment
Mihris Naduthodi Genome editing tool development for oleaginous microalgae Nannochloropsis oceanica
Fabian Abiusi Mixotrophic cultivation of microalgae

Animal Cell Biotechnology

Thijs Gerritzen Production of bioengineered outer membrane vesicles as vaccine platform
Kylie Hesp Immortalizing marine sponge cell culture
Stephanie Munroe Development of a Sponge Cell Line
Abdulaziz Al Sayyari Gene expression profiling
Karin Geuijen Development of High-Throughput biosensor
Xiao Pan Scale down during upstream process development of CHO cell culture


Catalina Suarez Soft separation of microalgae
Edgar Suarez Integrated biorefineries, AlgaePro4U
Fabian Abiusi Microalgae Biorefinery 2.0
Gerard 't Lam Microalgae Biorefinery: developing mild, scalable technologies
Calvin Lo Deep Eutectic Solvents as a novel extraction system for microalgae
Sofia Bonilla Enzymatic Disruption of Cell Walls for the Controlled Release of Valuable Products from Microalgal Biomass