Actions to be taken

If you would like to perform an internship you are expected to take the five steps given below.

Step 1: Orientation and planning
Internships can be conducted in one of the areas related to the five Chairs of the Division of Human Nutrition and Health. Depending on the choice of internship, different kinds of assumed knowledge may apply. More information can be found on the page 'Assumed Knowledge'.
The choice for an internship provider will mainly be determined by your own learning objectives and of course, the internship should fit well in the chosen specialisation and profile.
For an overview of internships that are currently available, visit our online MSc thesis & internship shop. However, it is also possible to identify providers by yourself, based on your own objectives. On the page 'Overview of Internship providers' the names are given of the institutions and organisations where internships have been performed in the past few years. The list is meant to provide your with some ideas and broaden your scope.
For an internship in the Netherlands a preparatory period of 3 to 4 months usually is enough, for an internship in other western countries you should account for 4 to 6 months, and for an internship in the tropics you generally need 6-10 months.

Step 2: Preparing draft internship contract and writing draft letter to potential internship provider
The student prepares a draft internship contract (template available at the main internship page) and a draft letter to the internship provider. The different sections of the internship contract help to decide on what type of issues should be raised in the letter. The letter should be clear and brief and should also include your motivation on why to write to this specific organisation.

Step 3: Discuss draft contract and letter with the internship advisor
After preparing a draft internship contract and a draft letter to the internship provider, make an appointment with an internship advisor to discuss both drafts.
For internships supervised by the Division of Human Nutrition and Health, several internship advisors are available, each with their own area of expertise, see the page ‘Internship advisors and examiners’ for a list.
The internship advisor might make some additional suggestions and comments. Special attention will be given to the description of the learning objectives and to the description of the planned activities with their time frame. Learning objectives might be realised by participation in on-going research, by starting an own research, by participation in other on-going activities, or by starting new activities within the internship providing organisation. Student and Wageningen University supervisor also discuss how supervision will be performed.
The internship advisor will also judge the appropriateness of internship options and provide the student with a personal version of 'Guidelines for internship provider', an informative letter by internship advisor meant for internship providers.

Step 4: Finalize internship documents and starting the internship
When an internship provider has been found and agreed upon, the internship contract can be finalized.
The student will revise the contract and will send that to the internship provider to verify whether the content of the contract is indeed in line with previous correspondence and with their expectations.
If internship provider agrees, the contract can be signed by all parties (student, internship provider, Wageningen University & Research-supervisor). The student secretariat will take care of the signature of the examiner.
The signed contract should be delivered by the student to the student secretariat and only from then onwards the internship becomes official and the internship can actually be started.
At the start of the internship the student hands over a copy of the Internship Assessment form (available at the main internship page) to the internship provider.

Step 5: Finalizing the internship
At the end of the internship the provider fills in the Internship Assessment form and sends it (in general through the student) to the HNE internship supervisor. If needed, the internship supervisor can contact the internship provider to discuss the assessment. After an evaluation meeting with the internship supervisor and after delivering two copies of the internship report, the internship supervisor will fill in the final grade, signs the form and will deliver the form and one copy of the report to the student secretariat. The student also has to send a pdf file of the internship report to the student secretariat. At that moment the internship is officially completed.

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