Assumed Knowledge

Internships can be conducted in areas related to the five Chairs within the Division of Human Nutrition and Health, namely Nutrition and Pharmacology, Nutrition, Metabolism and Nutrigenomics, Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour; Nutrition and Disease; and Nutrition and Health over the Life Course.

It is obvious that relevant knowledge and skills are assumed to be present before starting an internship.
In this respect, for students who enter the MNH through the BVG should be individually discuss this with their internship advisor.
Students entering MNH through other routes might need to show to their internship advisor that they manage or possess additional relevant knowledge and skills.
Further to this, the study guide is leading in what is required for the internships.

The following internships are possible:

  • Internship Nutrition and Pharmacology: HNE-71024 to HNE-71039
  • Internship Metabolism and Nutrigenomics: HNE-72424 to HNE-72439
  • Internship Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour: HNE-73824 to HNE-73836
  • Internship Nutrition and Disease: HNE-74824 to HNE-74839
  • Internship Nutrition and Health over the Lifecourse: HNE-75324 to HNE-75339

Note: for an internship in the tropics you need to complete at least the course ENT-50303 "Analysis and Prevention of Health Risks in the Tropics".

It is advised to perform your internship after completion of your master thesis project.

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