Internship advisors and examiners

For internships supervised by the Division of Human Nutrition and Health, several internship advisors are available, each with their own area of expertise:

Internship Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics
examiner: Prof. Sander Kersten
internship advisor: Prof. Sander Kersten

Internship Nutrition and Pharmacology
examiner: Prof. Renger Witkamp
internship advisors: Prof. Renger Witkamp, Dr. Jocelijn Meijerink

Internship Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour
examiner: Prof. Kees de Graaf
internship advisor: Dr. Gerry Jager

Internship Nutrition and Disease
examiner: Prof. Ellen Kampman
internship advisor: Prof. Ellen Kampman

Internship Human Nutrition over the Lifecourse
examiner: Prof. Edith Feskens
internship advisors: Dr. Annemien Haveman-Nies (public health), Prof. Lisette de Groot (health status, nutritional physiology), Dr. Inge Brouwer / Lucy Elburg (non-western nutrition), Dr. Jeanne de Vries (dietary patterns, health promotion)

After writing a draft internship contract and after writing a draft letter to the internship provider an appointment with the internship advisor can be made through email.
See the page ‘Actions to be taken’ before you contact the internship advisor.

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