How to combine technologies for matching demand and supply?


The question how and when to supply resources such as water and energy in a sustainable way to the user is one of the challenges we are working on. Here, we have to deal with a transition towards more decentralized technologies and therefore more decentralized systems as well as an increased complexity. We therefore aim at smart combinations of technologies in order to develop concepts for these systems, which can help to improve the resource efficiency and eventually lead to the closing of resource cycles.

Combined application of technologies, especially on small local and decentralized scale, and the evaluation of their potential based on temporal demand patterns (How much energy do I need in the morning and how much in the evening?) and local settings (How much rainwater can I harvest here?) offers the opportunity to develop custom-made and highly-efficient concepts for resource management, yet is not free of challenges due to its multi-disciplinary / multi-scalar nature. These concepts would be a milestone in the transition towards more sustainable urban systems.