PhD and PostDoc vacancies open for STW project Water Nexus

Published on
May 29, 2015

Water Nexus is a new NWO-STW research programme with more than 25 partners. At Environmental Technology, six PhD positions are open in scope of this project.

Water Nexus is a new NWO-STW research programme of 6 Million Euro, that will run from January 2015 to 2020, and is supported by 25 partners from multinational and small/middle sized companies, consultancy firms, research institutes, water boards, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. It is coordinated by Prof. Huub Rijnaarts of the Environmental Technology group of Wageningen University (WU).

In total 15 PhD and 2 postdoc researchers will work together to develop new solutions for water supply in fresh water scarce coastal regions in the Netherlands and abroad.

The project focuses on strategies to balance water supply and water demand between industrial and agricultural systems and contain both saline and fresh water options. The search project includes water technology and green technologies such as wetlands. The emphasis will be on industry and agri/horticulture where large volumes of water are produced and used.

Technologies and management strategies will be developed that enable climate change adaptation by exchange of water between industry, agriculture, urban and natural systems, the use of brackish water as a resource, and the inclusion of green infrastructure for water storage and treatment.

Contribution of Environmental Technology

At Environmental Technology/WU, six PhD positions are open on the following topics:

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