Practical Information

Working at FQD

  • Start: You will be introduced in the department by your supervisor. On your first day go to the secretariat, room 2.14, for your contract and other information. We use a system of Flex-Desks for our students.
  • Opening times Axis: On working days from 7.00 - 22.00 hrs, weekends and holidays from 9.00 – 17.00 hrs, but ONLY with a  WUR card, and when a teacher or PhD student is present the whole time. After permission from your supervisor you can borrow a WUR card, which allows you to enter the building outside the opening hours. If entering at weekends/holidays you must sign your name at the reception, including the room number where you will work. Do not forget to sign out when you leave.
  • Safety: Arnold Braaksma will give safety instructions (labs and Axis building) to all new students. Every student is also obliged to attend the safety lectures. Arnold will announce the date/time. Please also read the safety instructions manual given to you.
  • Coffee/Tea: you can take coffee or tea from the coffee machines with the help of a WUR card.
  • Printing: You can print using the e-wallet system.
  • PC: It is strictly forbidden to download files from the internet for private goals. The system manager controls the network and if you get caught you will no longer be authorized to use the pc. When you have finished your thesis you must delete all your files. In case of problems with your PC you can send an e-mail to: ICT ServiceDesk [].
  • Printing: all pc's are connected to network printers. Attention: do not print un-necessarily, and recycle all waste paper! In case of problems printing via the network send an email to: ICT ServiceDesk [].


Depending on the length of your thesis you have to give 2 or 3 oral presentations (2 presentations for 18 credit points and 3 presentations for all the other credit points). The presentations will be scheduled at the beginning (after 3 weeks), in the middle and at the end of your MSc thesis. You are obliged to attend the presentations of other students also. All presentations are announced by email.

If you are going to give a presentation you can sign in for a date at the secretary's office, preferably by e-mail. Make sure that your supervisor is available on the given date.

Multimedia equipment for presentations can be borrowed at the Reception of Axis. Please make a reservation for the equipment at the secretary's office at the same time that you ask for a date of your presentation. The secretary will send you an e-mail of confirmation. To collect the equipment you must go to the Reception. Instructions for printing are located near the pc.

Written report

For the written report there are two standard pages to include at front. You can download these here (download English version / download Dutch version) and fill them in. The written report must be given to the examiner one week before the final presentation. There are binding facilities at the secretary's office.

Finishing your thesis period

Final presentation and exam: After confirming the date of your final presentation/exam with your supervisor please send the date to the secretary (who organises the diary for Prof. Fogliano). The written report must be given to the examiner one week before the final presentation.

Leaving FQD: before leaving FQD you need to remove your files from the pc, clean-up your desk and your lab space, and remove all experimental samples from the refrigerators/freezers. If necessary you can burn a cd at the end of your MSc thesis period from the secretary's office.

Evaluation form: the secretariat will ask you to fill out this form at the end of you thesis period.