Young AGErs symposium

Maillard reaction research in next generation. Where did we start and where are we going? Communicate your research and ideas while connecting interdisciplinary research on Maillard reaction.

Maillard reaction, known as the non-enzymatic browning reaction between amino groups and reducing sugars, has been a “hot topic” in food science over the past decades.


The compounds formed during Maillard reaction have a crucial effect on the overall appearance of food, including texture, colour and flavour. Besides its role in food processing, products of the advanced stage of the Maillard reaction, the so called Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs), are also found to play an important role in human health e.g. diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease.

The international “Young AGErs Symposium” will be held at the 12-13 July 2018 at Wageningen University & Research. This will be the third edition of the symposium from young researchers for young researchers on Maillard reaction. It is an excellent opportunity for them to communicate their latest research results and broaden their scientific network.

Download the program of the 3rd Young AGErs symposium on Maillard reaction in food and in vivo, which will take place in room C213 of the Forum building 102, Wageningen University and Research campus. The starting time on Thursday will remain the same, however times of the individual presentations may change.