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Thursday, May 19th

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May 3, 2016

After a fast breakfast we were ready to leave at 07.50. This time, we continued without our leader, Remko had to return to Netherlands. Few minutes later, we cross the border once again. We arrived to DSM at 08.27, but as a typical thing, we arrived at a wrong building. Finally, 5 minutes later we arrived at the correct building in Kaiseraugst (Switzerland).

Markus Nowotny gave a presentation about the mission and presence of company. This is a company with around 13.000 employees and it is working in nutritional products as vitamins, nutritional lipids and enzymes. We visited some labs where some demonstrations were performed about different colours of β-carotene, solubility and dryer were showed.

After that, we enjoyed of some presentations of our colleagues. This time Angelica presented the introduction of FPE group. I need remark that this presentation was excellent. Following with presentations, we enjoyed of Qi (anti-Victor), Jun, Dimitrios and Anja projects. At 11.37, we were ready to continue to the next stop, this time in Nestle (Germany).

In Nestle, Patrik Arnz gave the welcome speech, while Thorn Thaller presented about how develop a product. In this occasion, the introduction presentation of FPE group was in charge of Birgit. Subsequently, she presented her project to continue with Patricia, Angelica, Martijn, Izabella and Maria Juliana, the funny girl.

At 18.00 we were ready for the next stop, this time Winterthur (Switzerland), however, thinking in our pockets, we decided go for the dinner in Germany. The place selected was a Chinese (I think) buffet restaurant. After 1.5 hours of eat moderately we continued our trip to arrive at the hostel around 20.30.