Study Association Di-Et-Tri

Di-Et-Tri is a very active multi-purpose study association.

A lot of activities are organised to stimulate the interaction between nutrition students: such as excursions, parties, informal drinks and trips. Except these nice student-like leisure time activities the association has also a serious side, the field of ‘Nutrition science’. Lectures by experts, internal and external excursions are organised as well. Also the study association supports the student representation in the education commission and the departments boards. Just like other association, Di-Et-Tri has also a magazine, the ‘Leesvoer’.

With the increasing international character of the university there are also more and more foreign (master) students.
Di-Et-Tri is a study association in which international students are very welcome. Most activities are accessible for internationals and help to get acquainted with the Dutch culture and fellow-nutrition students.


Go to the website for more information on Di-Et-Tri.