The Division of Human Nutrition and Health offers MSc-theses in all five chairs of the Division, each with a separate course-code in the study handbook:

  • Nutrition, Metabolism and Nutrigenomics (examiner: prof. Sander Kersten)
  • Nutrition and Pharmacology (examiner: prof. Renger Witkamp)
  • Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour (examiner: prof. Kees de Graaf)
  • Nutrition and Disease (examiner: prof. Ellen Kampman)
  • Nutrition and Health over the Lifecourse (examiner: prof. Edith Feskens)

The objective of the thesis is to integrate and extend knowledge and skills, by independently conducting scientific research in the framework of one of the Division's research projects. Depending on the topic, the thesis project may consist of field work, laboratory work, computer work, or a mixture of these.
Common elements in the thesis are: literature study, protocol writing, attending research presentations by students and staff, meetings with coach and supervisor, oral presentation of results, written report and a final oral examination with the examiner and a staff member.

For further information and documents regarding an MSc thesis at the Division of Human Nutrition and Health go to the ‘Division of Human Nutrition and Health: MSc Theses and Internships’ Blackboard site.