Wageningen UR studies the effects of Expeditie Lekker Fit!

Published on
March 22, 2013

Six primary schools in Woudrichem municipality have started the Expeditie Lekker Fit! programme. Wageningen UR is studying the effects of the teaching programme on primary school pupils, looking at their eating and exercise behaviour and behavioural factors which are important for learning a consciously healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle

The Expeditie Lekker Fit! programme is a partnership between six primary schools, Woudrichem municipality, West-Brabant Municipal Health Services and the HAK Vegetable Institute. More than 800 children are taking part in the expedition. The programme is being offered to children in all years of primary school over a period of three years. The goal is to motivate primary school pupils to adopt healthy and responsible eating patterns and to encourage them to exercise more. In this way, the participating parties aim to stabilise the existing obesity percentage of 13% or, ideally, reduce it.

Measuring the effects

Wageningen University is going to study whether the activities during the project period of approximately six weeks are in fact having a positive impact on the pupils. The effects will be measured among primary school pupils in the last four years of primary school. ‘We are going to look at how they rated the programme, which activities have been carried out and the effects of the programme on the pupils’ eating and exercise behaviour, but also at factors like knowledge, attitude and intention which are important for learning healthy eating and exercise behaviour,’ says researcher Marieke Battjes-Fries of Wageningen University, who works at the AGORA academic workshop. The results of the evaluation of the first academic year are expected in September 2013.

Expeditie Lekker Fit!

The expedition consists of the Lekker Fit! teaching pack for primary school children in all years of primary school and has a preventive goal. Children learn all about healthy eating and exercise in a playful style and become aware of the choices they make in this regard.

The teachers and pupils of Woudrichem municipality started working with the updated teaching method on 4 March. During the programme, the older pupils carry out research in a supermarket under the supervision of a dietician, assignments are done at home together with parents and a cookery workshop is held. On 16 April, the first year of the Expeditie Lekker Fit! will conclude with a healthy quiz, which promises to be a sporty and educational event.