Education at the Laboratory of Biochemistry

The Laboratory of Biochemistry is involved in teaching several courses as shown below. Additionally, you can do an internship or thesis at our department.

Visit the Study Handbook website for more detailed information.

Course overview:

  • BIC-10306    Practical Biological Chemistry
  • BIC-10807    Molecular Life Sciences
  • BIC-20306    Cell Physiology and Genetics
  • BIC-20806    Enzymology
  • BIC-30803    Advanced Methods in Biochemical Research
  • BIC-31312    Systems@Work: A Toolbox of Systems Biology

The Laboratory of Biochemistry also contributes to the following courses:

  • CBI-10306     Cell Biology
  • MIB-10306    Microbiology & Biochemistry
  • MIB-11306    Micoiology and Biochemistry for Nutrition and Health
  • MOB-30306   Control of Cellular Processes and Cell Differentiation
  • CLB-30306   Cell Biology and Advanced Imaging Technologies
  • PCC-32806 Molecular Modelling with Applications in Biological Systems
  • ORC-30306   Applied Biocatalysis
  • ORC-50803   Chemical Biology
  • PCC-22306    Driving Forces in Chemistry, Physics and Biology
  • SSB-20306    Bioinformation Technology
  • SSB-30306    Molecular Systems Biology
  • BPE-32306   Advanced Marine Biotechnology
  • BPE-60312   Bioprocess Design
  • YAM-60302   Academic Master Cluster