Research Apparatus and Expertise Available

Fermentation equipment

  • Incubator shakers for 12 x 2 L flasks
  • Qsonica sonicators

Protein purification

  • Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography equipment (Akta FPLCs) and columns for i.g. gel filtration, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and hydroxyapatite chromatography


  • "Normal" spectrophotometers
  • Diode-array spectrophotometer (HP)
  • Circular Diochroism (CD) spectropolarimeter (Jasco J-715)
  • 300- 500 MHz NMR machines (Bruker). More information on NMR machines: Wageningen NMR Centre



    • Proteomics nLC-MS: Thermo nLC1000 - Q Exactive HF-X
    • Modelling of proteins from sequences, molecular dynamics and docking with advanced programs and computers