Laboratory of Biochemistry - Enzymes@Work

Enzymes catalyze a huge variety of biotransformations, with relevance in food and pharmaceutical development, industrial biocatalysis, and basic biochemical understanding.

In the Enzymes@Work group we are interested in the discovery, mechanisms, and state-of-the-art engineering of (redox) enzymes for applications in food, health, technology and environment. Mechanistic and structural insights are combined with catalytic applications at laboratory scale. A main strategy involves protein engineering efforts directed at understanding and improving the capabilities of oxidative biocatalysts. Applications range from producing novel enzymes, vitamins and flavour compounds to studying enzyme immobilisation, substrate channeling and cofactor regeneration. Current research focuses on the following topics:

  • Biocatalytic exploitation of monooxygenases
  • Enzymatic cross-linking of food proteins
  • Mechanism of calcium-regulated photoproteins
  • Inhibition of polyphenol oxidases in food
  • Stable protein-based materials
  • Modular flavoenzymes