Dr. Sonja Schmid joined Biophysics

Published on
May 12, 2021
In January 2021, Sonja Schmid joined BIP as an assistant professor (tenure-track). She will apply time-resolved single-molecule experiments to investigate ‘things that move at the nanoscale’, e.g. the biomolecular dynamics of proteins.

She’s a fan of single-molecule FRET and electrical nanopore detection, as they both have unique super-powers e.g. the detection of nanometer distance changes in one single protein, the label-free detection of a single protein-DNA interaction, or even trapping a single native protein for extended sensing time.

Schmid aims to apply these unique capabilities to learn more about the vibrant nature of proteins which form the active workhorses in our cells. Pushing the boundaries of what we can observe at the single-molecule level gives her a special kick.

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