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PhD Trip

Every two years the PhD fellows of the Laboratory of Food Chemistry of Wageningen University & Research organize an international study tour. In this way we have visited different countries in Europe as well as Singapore, Japan, China and the US.

FCH is going to Japan (October 2016)

In 2014, the PhD students from the Laboratory of Food Chemistry went on a two-week trip to visit companies, research institutes and universities in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Now, almost two years later, we are in the middle of planning and organising the next trip which will take us to Japan. From the 17th to 30th of October this year we will go on a study trip to the cities of Tsukuba, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto. Around 20 PhD students and the two supervisors, professor Harry Gruppen and associate professor Jean-Paul Vincken, will depart from Amsterdam and fly to Tokyo.

The first of our two weeks in Japan will be started with a visit to the University of Tsukuba and the National Food Research Institute (NFRI) in Tsukuba. The remainder of the first week will be spent in the Tokyo region where we will visit Fuji Oil (food ingredients) alongside several other food companies and universities. At the end of this week we will get the chance to spend the weekend in Tokyo, enjoying the rich culture and vast number of memorable sights it has to offer.

On Monday October 24, the trip will continue to Nagoya where we will visit RIKEN (institute for basic and applied science) and Amano Enzymes (food and pharma enzymes). After this stop in Nagoya we will travel to Kyoto, via Yokkaichi to visit Taiyo Kagaku (food and pharma ingredients). We will be staying in Kyoto until the end of the second week. In the Kyoto/Osaka area we will pay a visit to Suntory (food & beverages), Kyoto University, Shimadzu (scientific instruments), and San-Ei Gen (food ingredients).

The five members of the organizing committee are currently focussed on settling the definitive program, and making travelling and hotel arrangements. So far, our impression of our Japanese hosts has been
one of great hospitality as they have been very helpful in making arrangements and offering their support in planning our trip. This, along with the level of the companies, institutes and universities that we will visit, gives us confidence and a positive outlook that our trip to Japan will be a successful one.

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To make a trip like this possible, we depend on external financial support as well. Therefore, we would like to thank all contributors that are sponsoring our trip. You can see who is supporting us on this page.