Microbiology Centennial Symposium

Microbiology Centennial Symposium

Wageningen University & Research is celebrating 100 years of scientific progress in exploring microbes for the quality of life. From October 18th till the 20th the Laboratory of Microbiology will host the Microbiology Centennial Symposium.

Organised by Laboratory of Microbiology Wageningen University & Research
Date From: Wednesday 18 October To: Friday 20 October
Location Orion building 103 Wageningen Campus

Exploring Microbes


The research of the Laboratory of Microbiology of Wageningen University & Research has been quite diverse. Since the early days there has been a focus on fundamental aspects together with a strong relation with societal issues. This has continued to this date and is reflected in the Microbiology Centennial Symposium title ‘Exploring Microbes for the Quality of Life’.

For the last 25 years we have focused on molecular ecology, microbial physiology and bacterial genetics and notably their integration. These subject areas will form the core of the scientific program that is initiated by overviews of microbial interactions with the biotic and abiotic environment and is closed with an outlook on the future.

Microbial research overview

The keynote lectures include eminent scientists (see below) who have been interacting with the Laboratory of Microbiology throughout the years. The program also features the present research group leaders of the Laboratory of Microbiology as well as the present and past chair who all have contributed to the success of the last decades.

On behalf of the scientific organising committee, I welcome you all to participate in this exciting symposium that will provide you with a state of the art overview of many important areas in microbial research, varying from novel anaerobic conversions to intestinal microbiology and extremophiles research to genome editing.

Willem M. de Vos Professor and Chair

Scientific Organisation Committee

Dr Servé Kengen
Prof John van der Oost
Prof Hauke Smidt
Prof Alfons Stams
Prof Willem M. de Vos