Research Microbiology

Research of the Laboratory of Microbiology

Multidisciplinary approach: “Integrating microbial ecology, physiology and genetics, in a multidisciplinary collaboration with (inter)national partners, makes our work unique. It has consistently delivered breakthrough discoveries, particularly in genome editing, gastrointestinal health and many other aspects of anaerobic microbiology."

The Laboratory of Microbiology is engaged in research and education about the biotransformations and interactions of microorganisms and the control thereof. Its general scientific objectives include: 1) to discover fundamental aspects of selected microbe-based, model systems at ecological, cellular and molecular levels; 2) to understand the molecular basis of key processes in bacteria, archaea and their viruses and 3) to apply the obtained insights to develop and optimise processes related to improving human quality of life. The research is organised into three complementary research groups: Microbial Ecology, Microbial Physiology and Bacterial Genetics.

Chair Willem M de Vos’s research is embedded into these research groups and aims to understand and exploit microbes using molecular, (meta)genomics and systems approaches. His current focus is on the human intestinal-tract microbiota and its relation to health and disease.