Novobiome: novel probiotics from our microbiome

The Novobiome project aims to discover new probiotics from the intestine of healthy people.

The intestinal microbiota plays an crucial role in our health. Isolation of intestinal microbes will not only provide information about their life and potential roles in the intestine, it also offers means to develop next-generation probiotics with the ambition to improve human health. The NOVOBIOME consortium, consiting of Winclove (Lead), Wageningen University & Research,  ProDigest, VivaCell Biotechnology, and University Medical Center Groningen, will isolate and characterize novel strains of intestinal microbes that could ultimately be marketed as next-generation probiotics. The role of the Laboratory of Microbiology in this consortium focuses on targeted-isolation of novel intestinal microbes, notably those enable to produce butyrate, and characterize their interactions and cross-feeding activities with other intestinal microbes via dedicated in vitro incubation systems.

Novobiome - Figure.jpg