The Department of Organic chemistry is involved in teaching several courses as shown below.


Visis the Study Handbook website for more detailed information.

Course overview:

  • Organic Chemistry I (ORC-12803)

  • Organic Chemistry II (ORC-12903)

  • Environmental Organic Chemistry (ORC-13303)

  • Bio-organic Chemistry for Life Sciences (ORC-13803)

  • Analytical Methods in Organic Chemistry (ORC-11806)

  • Bio-organic Chemistry (ORC-20306)

  • Structure and Reactivity (ORC-30806)

  • Applied Biocatalysis (ORC-30306)

  • Bio-organic Chemistry at Surfaces: Tuning the Outermost Nanometer (ORC-31806)

  • Research Methods in Organic Chemistry (ORC-31303)

  • Chemical Biology: Exploring Biology with Small Molecules (ORC-50803)

The Department of Organic chemistry also contributes to the following courses:

  • Spectroscopy (BIP-31306)

  • Advances in Magnetic Resonance (BIP-31806)

  • Enzymology (BIC-20806)

  • Environmental Analytical Techniques (SOQ-38806)

  • Food Properties and Function (FCH-23308)

  • Analytical Chemistry (SOQ-10806)

  • Academic Consultancy Training (YMC-60809)

  • Plants and Health (NEM-31806)

  • Biorefinery Products: Renewable Resources for the Bulkchemical Industry (BCH-50306)

  • Bionanotechnology: towards Nanomedicine (BNT-30306)