Systems and Synthetic Biology

Our Mission is to contribute to the elucidation of the mechanisms underlying basic cellular processes, evolution and interactions among microbes and between microbes and their environment (including the human host) and to translate this knowledge into applications of biotechnological, medical and environmental interest.

Systems and Synthetic Biology

Symposium: The Brave New World of Smart Data & Semantics in the Life Sciences

Date: 24 januari 2019, Orion, Lecture Hall C2035

Free registration, including lunch and drinks: here

Programme: here

9:00 - Registration, coffee available

9:30 - Welcome Vitor Martins dos Santos

9:40 - Peter Schaap, SSB, WUR: "The Brave New World of Semantics ans Smart Data in the Micorbial Life Sciences"

10:15 - Thijs Ettema, MIB, WUR: "Metagenomics-informed insights into the origin of complex cellular life"

10:55 - Coffee

11:20 - Bedir Tekinerdogan, INF, WUR: "Systems Thinking and Data Science for the Life Sciences"

12:00 - Alexander Goesmann, Giessen University: "Software tools for large-scale microbial bioinformatics and current demands for semantic technologies"

12:40 - Lunch

13:30 - Nikos Kyrpides, DOE, San Francisco, USA: "Microbiome Research: from Products to Data"

14:15 - Kathy Wolstencroft, Leiden University: "Semantics as an Enabler of Data Integration and Analysis"

14:50 - Coffee

15:15 - Jeroen Raes, University of Leuven: "Metagenomics", TBC

15:50 - Eugene Koonin, NIH, Maryland, USA: "CRISPR-Cas systems: exploiting genomic context to infer novel functions"

16:30 - Wrap up

16:35 - Networking, drinks and bytes

Two new vacancies:
Assistant Professor in Experimental Synthetic Biology (TT)
Assistant Professor in Dynamic modelling in Systems & Synthetic Biology