Education at Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter

The Laboratory of PCC is involved in teaching several courses as shown below. Additionally you can also find information about currently offered internship or thesis projects in our department.

BSc. Courses:

  • Inorganic Chemistry (PCC-11803)
  • General Chemistry 1 (PCC-12303)
  • General Chemistry 2 (PCC-12403)
  • General Chemistry for the Life Sciences (PCC-12803)
  • Thermodynamics (PCC-20306)
  • Colloid Science (PCC-20806)
  • Introductory Thermodynamics A (PCC-21802)
  • Introductory Thermodynamics B (PCC-21803)

MSc. Courses:

Research methods and Biomolecules and Interfaces (PCC-31303)

Advanced Soft Matter (PCC-31806)

Environmental Physical Chemistry (PCC-32306)

Statistical Thermodynamics (PCC-50803)