Practical information for thesis students

Start: Your supervisor will introduce you to the group. He/she will show you some desk space in the lab. You will be working on the same desk as your supervisor, unless announced otherwise. Harry Baptist or Miranda de Beus will show you the lab and give you an introduction about working (safely) in the lab..

Confidentiality Agreement and Contract: All students have to sign a confidentiality agreement and a contract during the first week of their thesis period.

Flex-desks: Students can use a Food Physics computer on the first floor, room 1005, or in room 0025.  If you need more than 4 (BSc) or 6 (MSc) months we can’t guarantee that there is a place available for you. If you expect to need more time (f.e. medical reasons) please inform  us as soon as possible.

Laboratory: Please keep the laboratory clean.  Remove samples that you don’t need anymore. In principle students are not allowed to work in the lab after 18:00  and in the weekends

Opening times Axis: On working days from 7.00 - 22.00 hrs. The building is also accessible during weekends and holidays from 9.00 – 17.00 hrs. Please use the main entrance during weekends and evenings, also when you leave the building. Working at your desk (no lab work) is permitted at all hours.

Safety: Harry Baptist and Miranda de Beus will give safety instructions (labs and  building) to all new students. Every student is also obliged to attend the safety lectures provided by the university. You will receive an announcement by e-mail.

Leaving FPH: Before leaving FPH you have to remove your files from the pc, clean-up your desk and your lab space, and remove all experimental samples from the refrigerators/freezer. You have to burn a CD-ROM/DVD for your supervisor at the end of your thesis period containing all material of your thesis period (data, articles, etc) (CDs and DVDs are available at the secretary's office).

Locker: The student desks on the first floor have lockers. Students with a seat on the first  floor can get a key of these lockers. You are responsible for the key. If you lose it, you have to pay for a new key (€10). When you finish your thesis you have to bring the key back to the secretary. No key – no mark! Locker, desk and chair all have the same number. Please don’t mix them up!

PC: It is strictly forbidden to download files from internet for private goals. The system manager checks the network and if you get caught you will no longer be authorized to use the pc. When you have finished your thesis you must remove all your files from the computer. In case of problems with your PC you can send an email to: or call 88888. Please mention the code on the label on your computer.

Printing: If you have to print, you have to use your own student card. After finishing the thesis, you can ask a declaration form at the secretariat. You could also ask your supervisor to print your documents.

Presentations:  During your thesis project you have to give (2-) 3 oral presentations. The presentations will be scheduled at the beginning (after 3 weeks), in the middle (only for MSc students), and at the end of your thesis project. The presentations will be given on Mondays 13:00h in the big meeting room in Axis-X. You are obliged to attend these presentations.For scheduling a presentation, please contact Pauline van Leusden (room 0025), who is responsible for the presentation schedule.  All presentations will be announced by email.

The written Thesis report must be given to the examiners 5 days before the final presentation. Plan your examination preferably on the day of your presentation. After your examination, your grade will be discussed. Please send a PDF of your thesis to Els, she will arrange that they will be printed. Please make one for your supervisors and one for the archive. Discuss with your supervisors what your report should look like. Examples can be found at the secretariat.

Thesis Rings. To get acquinted with writing your thesis, you will work in groups of max 10 students in a thesis ring. The thesis ring will take place every Wednesday from 13:00 h to 14:00 h (group 1) or from 14:00 h to 15:00 h (group 2). The blackboard site will provide additional information on the thesis rings and documentation on how to wirte your research plan and thesis report.

Website of the Food Physics Group:

WUR-card: All students will receive a card that can be used for coffee/tea and making photocopies. It is also your entrance card for the building. You are responsible, if it gets lost or damaged you have to pay for a new one (€15).