Thesis reports BSc students


  • Jurre van Hoeven: Size fractionation of protein micro-particles (07/13)
  • Wiebe Hollander: The role of bread improvers and dough liquor components on formation and stabilization of gas bubbles in bread dough (07/13)
  • Rick Hantink: Effect of protein on the large deformation of filled cold set whey protein gels (07/13)
  • Chenxi Li: Effect of pH and SDS on formation and stability of sonicated BSA-coated microbubble (03/13)
  • Anke Arts: Effect of microbubbles on the large deformation properties of food gels (08/13)
  • Simone Freriks: The effect of fat and sugar on the physical properties of muffins (08/13)
  • Gill Pels: Characteristics of shells of microcapsules build layer-by-layer with pectin and combinations of protein fibrils (07/13)
  • Saskia Feijen: The effect of thickeners ont the textural and structural properties of sorbet (07/13)


  • Matthijs Mooiweer: Purification, film forming and characterization of zein dissoved in aqueous ethanol (07/12)
  • Merel Huizing: The influence of surfactant structure on functional properties (07/12)
  • Annemarie Kester: Relation between sensory properties and composition of alcoholic sorbets (07/12)
  • Linde Gerritsen: Physical characterization and sensory evaluation of vegetable pasta (07/12)
  • Dominique Kesteloo: Glucosinulates determination in pasta-like products with incorporated broccoli (07/12)
  • Lore Hoogenboom: Influence of different fats on gelatine gels (07/12)
  • Milou Theeuwees: Inhomogeneous fracture behaviour of gels (07/12)
  • Paraskevi Paximada: Creation of sub-micron emulsion droplets by using a combination of surfactants and polymers (06/12)
  • Maaike Renssen: Structure and texture of mixed Ca 2+-induced whey protein particle gels (07-12)
  • Jente Andriessen: Oleogels (07/12)
  • Fieke van der Meer: Oil-in-water gels using oil bodies (07/12)
  • Jessica Spaan: Casein gels filled with soy oil bodies (07/12)
  • Michiel de Bruijn: Determining the effect of microbubbles on the rheological properties of food gels (07/12)
  • Marjolein Buisman: Stabilization mechanism in microbubbles prepared with BSA (08/12)
  • Bas Pape: Effect of bubbles on reological characteristics of gelatin-agarose gels
  • Michèle Su: Stretchability of cheese


  • Maartje Blok: Influence of particle size and volume fraction of vegetables on the rheology and quality of vegetable pasta (05/11)
  • Elyn den Hollander: Rheological properties of filled starch matrices (06/11)
  • Nadine Smets: Meat Quality. An investigation on the influence of heating profile on different quality attributes of beef products (07/11)
  • Marlies Geerts: Functionality of oligofructose fatty acid esters (07/11)
  • Emma Krop: The development of gluten-free bread (07/11)
  • Robin Houwen: Foaming properties of oligofructose fatty acid esters (07/11)
  • Joshua van Mullem: Improving alcoholic sorbet formulations (08/11)
  • Lex van Rouwendaal: Incorporating vegetables in alginate-pectin gels (08/11)


  • Kelly Muijlwijk: Formation of protien particles through protein-polysaccharide coacervation (05/10)
  • Sybren Sikkes: Polysaccharide hydrogels for nutrient delivery (07/10)
  • Karlijn Maas: The influence of konjac flour and salep on the physical properties of Kahramanmaras ice-cream (07/10)
  • Roos Nijman: The development and physical properties of gluten-free spaghetti (07/10)


  • Machteld Klok: Coating of ß-lactoglobulin fibrils (07/09)
  • Suzanne Broxterman: Mechanical properties of gels filled with protein particals (07/09)


  • Maarten Stolk: High milk protein solutions: studied by DWS and Rheometer (05/08)


  • Fan Lin Lin: Characterization of the strength of polymersomes made by electrostatic layer-by-layer deposition (06/07)
  • Yi LiYa: Structure and rheology of blends consisting of casein micelles and fibrils from whey protein isolate (06/07
  • Yvette Lubbersen: Break up of proteins fibrils by DAPH (06/07)
  • Jacob Bouman: Kinetics of the fibrillisation of ß-lactoglobulin (06/07)