PhD study trip

Food Physics PhD trip 2014 - Canada and USA

Since 2002, it has been a tradition for PhD students from the group Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods at Wageningen University to organize a PhD study trip. The aims of the PhD trip are to exchange knowledge, gain experience, broaden scientific networks and stimulate collaborations with researchers from all over the world. The study-trips are mainly organized by PhD students themselves, which provide excellent opportunities to establish contacts with people from different universities and institutes through interactions on the scientific, social and cultural level.

In 2002 students in our group went to United Kingdom and in 2010 another successful visit took place in Japan. With previous success experience, this year we plan to keep this nice tradition by organizing a two-week visit at various universities and companies in Canada and the Northeastern USA.

During this trip student symposiums, poster or oral presentations, facility tours and social activities will be carried out. Eleven PhD students will join the trip (May 2014). The chair of the group, Prof. Erik van der Linden, will accompany and supervise the PhD students along the trip.
Please see our program below:

Day Date Visit
Monday 5-5-2014 Fly to New York
Tuesday 6-5-2014 Travel to Ithaca
Wednesday 7-5-2014 Cornell University
Thursday 8-5-2014 University of Massachusetts Amherst
Friday 9-5-2014 Rousselot
Harvard University
Saturday 10-5-2014 Free time in Boston
Sunday 11-5-2014 Travel to New York
Monday 12-5-2014 Pepsico
Institute of Culinary Education / Experimental Cuisine Collective
Tuesday 13-5-2014 Rutgers University
Wednesday 14-5-2014 Fly to Toronto
Thursday 15-5-2014 Guelph University
Friday 16-5-2014 Fly back to Amsterdam

We are looking forward to an inspiring trip!

Organizing committee

  • Auke de Vries
  • Kun Liu
  • Jinfeng Peng
  • Tijs Rovers (Chair)
  • Vaida Urbonaite
  • Min Chen



Prof. dr. Erik van der Linden
Dr. Elke Scholten

PhD students:

Alev Ince, from Turkey
Rheological properties and characteristics of protein particles in complex systems, depletion interaction, gel formation of emulsions or dispersions by different methods

Anika Oppermann, from Germany
Fat reduction in bakery applications by means of heat- and shear stable double emulsions (with gelled inner water phase), including sensory properties and flavour release of reformulated foods.

Auke de Vries, from the Netherlands
Development of novel, food grade oleogels as alternative for saturated fat in food products.

Carsten Ersch, from Germany
Mixed protein gels

Claire Munialo, from Kenya
Energy storage in fine and coarse stranded networks of proteins

Jacob Bouman, from the Netherlands
Drying behaviour of concentrated protein systems

Jinfeng Peng, from China
The behaviour of protein fibrils in complex food systems

Kun Liu, from China
The rheological, tribological and sensorial properties of fat emulsion filled gels and fat mimicking mechanisms of particle fat replacer during oral processing

Min Chen, from China
The physiochemical properties of foaming agents in milk and their influence on formation and stability of dairy foam

Pauline van Leusden, from the Netherlands
Development of an ultrasound active microcapsule for the targeted release of medicine, to improve safety and efficacy of chemotherapeutics

Tijs Rovers, from the Netherlands
The influence of production parameters and environmental factors on the characteristics of microbubbles; Effect (mainly rheological) of microbubbles with different characteristics in food systems

Vaida Urbonaite, from Lithuania
Dimensional characteristics of water holding in protein gels       



We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our group and the following companies and organizations for their general sponsoring.
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