Education of the Adaptation Physiology Group

The Adaptation Physiology Group has a diverse educational program. Besides the BSc, MSc and optional PhD and professional training courses, it is also possible to perform your thesis of internship in our group.

For questions about the Adapatation Physiology courses and for information on MSc thesis or internships at ADP, please contact our education contactperson Dr Nicoline Soede. You can make an appointment via the Adaptation Physiology secretariat: email.

BSc courses

The BSc courses introduce students in specific diciplines in the Adaptation Physiology Group.

The Immunology and Thermoregulation (ADP-20306) course is based on the disciplines of immunology, environmental physiology and thermoregulation of animals as parameters of health and production.The introduction course Infections and Disorders (ADP-22303) focuses on known mechanistic and physiological relationships between infectious agents or diseases, and metabolic-, behavioural- and production-related disorders in food animals and man. Reproduction and Fertility (ADP-21803) is an introductory course dealing with the reproduction and fertility of farm and companion animals and includes influences of some environmental factors on reproduction and fertility.

MSc courses

The MSc courses focus on a broad interdisciplinary approach regarding adaptive capacity and functioning of animals (including animal behavior).

The Health, Welfare and Management (ADP-30306) course deals with multidisciplinary aspects of the functioning of animals, focusing on a selected numer of themes. These themes may vary from year to year, but will mostly focus on: the vitality of young animals (since they experience many environmental changes in a vulnerable period of their life); effects of lactation on the lactating animal (since lactation and its -metabolic- consequences influences many aspects of the functioning of animals); and socially adapted animals (since animals need to interact with other animals (e.g. group housing of cattle, pigs), and also with man (dogs, cats).

The aim of the course Adaptation Physiology (ADP-30806) is to learn (groups of) students to write a research proposal based on hypotheses gained from a literature review.

Course overview

(ADP-courses and YAS-courses with ADP coordinators)

Course \ Period 1 2 3 4 5 6 Year / Remarks
Immunology and Thermoregulation (ADP-20306) X BSc1 Afternoon
Animal Sciences in Society (YAS-11803) X BSc 1 Week 29-31
Internship (YAS-11306) X BSc 1 Week 41-44
Infections and Disorders (ADP-22303) X BSc 2 Week 35-39
Reproduction and Fertility (ADP-21803) X BSc 2 Morning
Health, Welfare and Management (ADP-30306) X MSc 1 Morning
Adaptation Physiology (ADP-30806) X MSc 1 Afternoon

Visit the Study Handbook website for more detailed information.