Research of the Animal Breeding and Genetics Group


The Animal Breeding and Genomics centre (ABGC) has developted expertise in three interrelated areas:

  • Animal Breeding: definition of breeding objectives, estimation of genetic parameters, and design of selection schemes;
  • Statistical genetics and genomics;
  • Molecular genetics and bioinformatics: identification and study of the role of individual genes.

The expertise is applied to three research themes that fit well in the three WIAS themes:

  • Characterization, utilisation and conservation of (agro)biodiversity;
  • Animal Functioning (health, welfare and production);
  • Quality of animal products.

The three areas of expertise and the three research themes play an important role in exchange of research findings and discussion on scientific developments within ABGC. Increasing our understanding of genotype-phenotype relationship for complex traits is a major research theme in our group. The research involves development of molecular tools (linkage maps and genetic markers), design and analysis of large linkage or association mapping studies, and development of statistical models and novel breeding schemes.