MSc theses and internships

For both profiles you need to do a large thesis (36 ects) in a subject related to your profile, and an internship (optional for ex-BDW students) or small thesis. Your small thesis (compulsory for students who obtained their BSc degree elsewhere, optional for ex-BDW students) does not have to be in a subject related to animal breeding and genetics.

If you are interested in the potential subjects for your thesis then here is a list with MSc thesis subjects.

Colloquia can be presented once a week during the TLM (Thursday Lunch Meeting, from 13:00 to 14:00). Please register, after consultation with your supervisor, with Ole Madsen (  at least three weeks in advance, after that the schedule will be filled with other presentations. Options are on a first come, first serve basis. There is time available for 1 colloquium per week. Once a month there will be the possiblity to cintinue after the TLM, so multiple colloquia are possible on those days.