SelAction is a computer program that supports the design of animal breeding programs. The program predicts response to selection for multiple traits and rates of inbreeding for practical livestock improvement programs. To keep computation time short, SelAction uses deterministic simulation so that it can be used as an interactive optimisation tool. This software makes state-of-the-art theory on breeding programs available as a user-friendly tool for livestock breeding companies, breeding organisations for companion animals and scientists.


Solving problem

On some systems, there is a problem with use of points versus comma's. When the settings in MSWindows specify points as a decimal symbol and the SelAction user correctly uses points, the following error message nevertheless appears "Invalid input - value must be a number (Thousand separator?)". This seems to be a communication problem between SelAction and Windows, which we have not been able to solve permanently. The user can "solve" the problem by locking the pc by pressing ctrl-alt-del and then unlock the pc again (while SelAction is active), after which decimal points can be used.


You can download the latest version of the program with the link below to the file (1.3 Mb).

Furthermore you can download a pdf-file about the theory behind the program and a manual of the program.