About the Animal Nutrition Group

The Animal Nutrition Group (ANU) provides education and conducts research to provide a fundamental understanding of nutritional processes and the effects of dietary compounds on the health, growth, welfare and longevity of production and companion animals. We study the supply of nutrients via consumption of feed/food and utilisation by animals for efficiency of production, animal health and welfare, environmental impact of animal production systems, as well as behaviour, vitality and longevity.

We follow dietary nutrients as they are broken down (digested or fermented), absorbed and metabolised by animals. Feed technology, nutrient analysis, digestion/absorption, fermentation, nutrient metabolism and the effects of nutrients on gene expression are the core areas of our research. Our in vitro simulation methods for digestion/fermentation processes and mechanistic modelling of nutrient utilisation are instrumental in providing further insight into the nutrient metabolism by animals.

Our group is part of the Department of Animal Sciences of Wageningen University & Research and participates in the Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences (WIAS). The Animal Nutrition Group is partner of the Centre for Animal Nutrition (CAN).