MSc Thesis

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MSc Thesis Subjects

Effects of porcine bile acid supplementation on fat digestibility and functioning of the bile acid metabolism in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Can exogenous bile salt supplementation be uses as an effective remedy against reduced fat digestibility of plant-based diets for carnivorous fish? More information, see link

Macro-nutrient composition of aquafeeds: assessing the optimal protein-to-energy ratio concept in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

We are interested in determining whether an optimal dietary protein-to-energy ratio can be found for Nile tilapia. This research aims at improving resource-use efficiency of Nile tilapia production. For more information, see link

The success of young fish recruitment in the Rhine River secondary channels

We are interested in how juvenile river fish use floodplain habitats along the rivers IJssel and Waal. Fieldwork in 2019 will focus on assessing fish, macrofauna and zooplankton communities of 3 secondary channels in particular. For more information, see link

Small Fish and Food Security: Towards innovative integration of fish in African food systems to improve nutrition

The aim of the Small Fish for Food project is to obtain a quantified view on the flows from fisher to consumer of small fish in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and possibly Tanzania by making a mass balance of production and trade flows. For more information, see link

Ecological morphology of the Suisun Marsh fish assemblage:

the effect of alien fishes on trophic functioning. Does the invasion of alien species change the food web within a fish assemblage? For more information, please see link

Swimming behavior and within day activity pattern of white spotted eagle rays in Burgers’ Zoo.

The main goal of this research will be to find out the differences in swimming behavior during day and night time. For more information, see link

Ecomorphological analysis of the pharyngeal jaw apparatus of cyprinid fish in relation to aquatic food types.

To what extent can an ecomorphological approach of the pharyngeal jaws explain the feeding differentiation among Dutch cyprinids? For more information, please see link

The effect of reconstructed ‘nature-friendly’ shorelines on the fish communities in the northern Netherlands.

How do ‘nature-friendly’ reconstructions of the shorelines of (artificial) waterbodies in the nortern Netherlands affect fish community structure? for more information, please see link

Calprotectin in Atlantic salmon.

Can faecal calprotectin be used as a non-invasive marker of intestinal inflammation in Salmo salar? For more information, please see link

Dynamics of Fish Aggregation Device (FADs) Utilization on Tuna Fisheries.

What is the dynamics utilization of FADs on tuna fisheries? For more information, please see link

Oysters for coastal defense and aquatic production.

What factors determine Bangladesh oyster growth and development? for more information, please see link

Benthic ecosystem response to changes in primary productivity levels.

How do changes in primary productivity levels affect food-chain dynamics of the benthic ecosystem? For more information, please see link

Biological control of Saprolegnia infection in salmonid aquaculture.

To develop biologically-based strategies for management, prophylaxis and treatment of Saprolegniosis in aquaculture. For more information, please see link

The secret of invasion success:

Size of invaders and size structure of the resident community. for more information, please see link

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