Ir. Paul van Zwieten

Area of interest

Paul’s main interest lies in understanding the interactions between fishing, fish communities and their natural environment. He focuses on data and information requirements to evaluate fisheries resource use given different ecosystems, fish communities and fishing patterns and decision making environments. Main topics of research in this respect are fisher decision making on effort allocation and the on fish communities and fishing patterns leading to balanced harvesting.  

Relevant research

Paul carried out research on freshwater and marine systems, in particular in the tropics in SE Asia and Southern Africa. He studied long term changes in fish communities in Lake Mweru, Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria under the combined effects of climate and fishing leading to ideas on balanced harvesting. In Lake Victoria he worked on an alternative explanation for the success of the Nile perch invasion. In Vietnam and Indonesia he focussed on the how fishing effort is distributed over the fish community both in mangrove estuarine systems and small scale tuna fisheries. He is responsible for the research programs of the group on the impacts on the Lake Victoria ecosystem, fish communities and fisheries (SEDEC); social and ecological drivers of shrimp culture in mangrove ecosystems in the coastal areas of Southern Vietnam and Kalimantan (RESCOPAR) and the BESTTuna/IFITT programs.

Contact info

Wageningen University, Aquaculture and Fisheries Group (AFI)
De Elst 1, 6708 WD Wageningen, The Netherlands