Joost van Loo, Ph.D Student (The Netherlands)

Area of interest

The multidisciplinary interests of Joost van Loo include aquaculture production systems and microbiology of fish intestine. Besides that, the roles microbes play in aquaculture is something he is very much interested in.

 Relevant research

In January 2014 Joost van Loo started as a PhD-student at Wageningen UR. The project he is involved in is entitled Bioflocs, the key to feed fish more with less. This NWO-funded project (link) is a collaboration between the Aquaculture and Fisheries Group and the Laboratory of Microbiology. In this project he focusses on how bioflocs affect functional stability in the intestine of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). An additional scope of the project is to investigate the temporal dynamics of microbial communities within bioflocs and the distal intestine and the link with functionality and gut health.

Before Joost started his PhD he obtained a BSc-degree in Environmental Sciences at HAS-Den Bosch after which he finished his Master in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management at the Aquaculture and Fisheries group. During this Master, supervised by Marc Verdegem and Christos Giatsis, he was involved in an experiment on the colonisation-dynamics of microbes in the intestine of tilapia larvae.

Contact info
Aquaculture and Fisheries Group
PO Box 338

6700 AH Wageningen, The Netherlands