Prof. dr. Aad Smaal

Area of interest
Prof Dr Aad Smaal (1951) has the chair of sustainable shellfish culture at Wageningen University and
he is senior scientist at the Delta Department of the Institute of Marine Resources and Ecosystem
Studies (IMARES) in Yerseke, The Netherlands.
I am particularly interested in the role of bivalve shellfish in the ecosystem and the various goods and
services they deliver. This concept is now applied in projects on sustainable shellfish culture in relation
to nature conservation and shellfish restoration, including carrying capacity issues. A novel aspect is
the use of shellfish beds as eco engineers in coastal protection, for which various studies are being
carried out. I am also involved in projects to develop landbased integrated multitrophic aquaculture
that includes the farming of worms and fish, and algae and bivalves. The need for expansion of low
food chain aquaculture is evident and it is a challenge to contribute to development that make use of
the many synergies that bivalve aquaculture offers if properly combined with other interests

Relevant research
Main research topics are carrying capacity of the ecosystem for bivalves and the positive feedbacks
through nutrient regeneration, and activities of the farmers in managing the stocks. Novel issues
regard the use of oyster beds as eco-engineers and the potential for combining this with aquatic


Contact info
Wageningen University; IMARES – Delta Department; Korringaweg 5, 4401
NT Yerseke, NL

+31 317 487039